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  • О себе:Following on from his global success and since signing a deal with Universal/Island Records, John Martin has been feverishly working in the studio working on his debut solo single Anywhere For You and will be released on April 7. Although this is John’s first solo release he is already a household voice. He wrote and featured on ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ which entered the UK chart at Number 1 and has sold over nearly 1 million copies in the UK alone and charting Top 10 in over 30 countries. John has also co-written ‘Save the World’ (Swedish House Mafia), ‘Children of the Sun’ (Tinie Tempah) and ‘Reload’ (Sebastian Ingrosso). Anywhere For You is an emotional gem, it's upbeat with a big melody that announces John as a songwriter and singer to be reckoned with. Anywhere For You is produced by Michel Zitron, John’s writing partner on previous hits. The son of a bona fide stuntman - singer and songwriter, John Martin, was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden in the mid eighties. He received his first guitar just as he turned thirteen and duly formed his first band, playing Nirvana covers in the absence of having songs any of their own. Fast forward a few years and John found himself with recognition from The Grammys. His success was global. On arrival in the USA in February 2012 John simultaneously got a text from his manager saying ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ was in the Top 10 on the Billboard Chart and he turned on the radio in his hire car from the airport and it was the first song he heard, was when he realised things had gotten big. ‘Everything changed what seemed like overnight,’ says John, ‘When travelling around we heard it constantly on repeat for the whole month. We had never performed the track live at that stage but shortly after I found myself playing in front of 100,000 in Stockholm over a three day period. That was a highlight.’
  • Родной город: Stockholm
  • Проживает в: Швеция, Stockholm
  • Вебсайт:http://www.johnmartinofficial.com
  • Подписчиков:39443


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